Covid 19 Policy

COVID-19 Update from Dr. O’Daniel

Updated December 16, 2023

-- Patients are not required to wear a mask to enter our Office unless they have the flu or a cough --

We continue to adjust our protocols in order to protect our patients and staff from the community spread of COVID-19 or the flu.  

Our office may mandate masks to protect our patients and staff if Federal and State protocols change.   

Our office has taken precautions to help keep our patients, visitors and staff safe.  

*Masking     All patients, visitors and staff are not currently required to wear a mask.  However we reserve the right to refuse service or mandate a mask which covers both the mouth and nose to decrease the risk of viral or COVID-19 exposure if we deem necessary.  Patients who appear to have a cold or flu may be asked to reschedule or if symptoms are mild a mask may be mandated.

  • We can provide you with a mask if you do not have one. 
  • Acceptable masks include homemade, surgical, dust, or N95 masks. 
  • Masks should NOT contain an exhalation valve or vent as these permit unfiltered air to escape since they can infect others around you. 

  *Why may masks be mandatory?  

  • Some of our patients have recently had Cataract or Ocular surgery and these Post-Op patients are susceptible to ocular infections from respiratory droplets.   
  • Our office, like most medical offices, take great caution when dealing with the immunocompromised patient and the elderly since they are highly susceptible to Covid 19
  • IN SUMMARY, we may ask all patients to WEAR A MASK and maintain a 6 foot distance from other patients while in our office if we suspect illness. 

Our office is compliant with the CDC protocols to ensure that our office, exam rooms, and our dispensary are disinfected as mandated.

  Your safety and health is our utmost concern as our office reopens to provide you with ocular examinations, glasses and contact lenses.  

 Please call the office with any questions.  Tatum Eye Care 480-889-6044






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